Physio and Wellness was established in September 2011, as a company that imports and distributes medical equipment throughout Southern AfricaWe specialize in Physiotherapy, Biokinetic, Chiropractic, Pilates and rehab products.  Our young and dynamic team is committed to offering outstanding service and value for money with good quality products.


To supply the medical and wellness industry with outcome based technology and products. 



We intend to provide the Physiotherapy, Biokinetic, Chiropractic, Pilates, Rehab and Wellness industry with the best experience from beginning to end, with;

Highest quality products

Best value for money

Excellent Service and

Technical support

Physio and Wellness is committed to give fair and honest input, professional opinion, and expertise based on scientific facts.Our team at Physio and Wellness has  vast knowledge of Electrotherapy Equipment, Ultrasound Equipment, Laser Equipment, Shockwave and many more.We are also constantly upgrading our skills with the latest technology in Physiotherapy and Rehab such as:

- Deep Oscillation
- Shortwave
- Shockwave
- Lymphatic Drainage Equipment
- Kinesiology Taping
- Acupuncture Needling and Dry Needling
- Electrotherapy Devices (Interferential, IFC, Tens, Russian Stims)
- Ultrasound Devices
- TENS Devises
- Combination Devices
- And many more…

Physio and Wellness has sole agencies for some of the best brands in the world, namely:

- Physiomed
- Gymna
- New Age Italia
- TensCare
- Whitehall
- ARES Kinesiology Tape


Prevent Injury, Raise Performance and Improve Musculoskeletal Fitness For more info on Licences and Lectures Click Here!

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Physio & Wellness Going Green:

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